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From "On the Road" to "Wild Life, Wild Places"

I'll be closing out my show, On the Road with Mac and Molly that airs on the Pet Life Radio network (, with a final episode that will center on Mac and the bone cancer that claimed his life. This isn't the end, however, for my broadcasting career. I'll soon be launching into a brand new show: "Wild Life, Wild Places." The focus will be on wildlife and animal companions and the human beings who have come alongside to partner, to save, to preserve, to conserve, and to advocate.

In the program on Mac, I'll share highlights from the life of this much loved special friend and will chat with Dr. John Morton, DVM, who walked with my husband and me from the diagnosis through to euthanasia. I am grateful to this veterinarian who was always willing to take a call and who supportedus through the very difficult decisions we had to make along the way. I hope you'll listen to this podcast when it's posted and that you'll continue to listen when I transition to a new format (more narration, fewer interviews) in the new series.

Here's a little more info about PLR: Pet Life Radio is the largest and #1 pet radio network on the planet, featuring more than 60 weekly pet-related talk radio shows hosted by the most well-known pet experts, authors and radio and TV personalities in the world of animals and pets! Pet Life Radio is available on-demand from the website, iTunes and over 30 podcast distributors. On the cutting edge of technology, our live 24/7 radio stream is broadcast globally to more than 100 million subscribers on the home page as well as to smart phones, mobile devices, Xbox and cars through iHeartRadio, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher Radio, iTunes Radio, Aha Radio, Nokia Radio, Streema, iStream Radio and ooTunes Radio.

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