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I have spent delight-filled days recording, through my camera’s lens, glorious natural wonders from the majestic Grand Canyon to the hoodoo-filled Bryce Amphitheater, from the lush and soul-soothing Smoky Mountains to the barren salt flats of Death Valley’s Badwater Basin, from the sanderling-bedecked white sand beaches of Topsail Island to the other-worldly cinder gardens and lava fields of the Craters of the Moon.


Along the way, my love of wildlife and wild places has deepened into a more fervent advocacy and my love of the arts has developed into a deep and abiding passion. After a brief hiatus in New Hampshire, I am now in Central Florida. I pray the images and words on these pages—images of and words about wild places, wildlife, roadscapes, waterscapes, the arts, kitsch and sundry—will speak to your heart and mind and elevate your spirit. 

In the second year of our marriage, my husband Gene and I (with our toddler Brooke in tow) took a glorious two-month motor trip across Canada and Alaska starting in Quebec and winding up in British Columbia. I still smile as I think of Gene shaving in our motor home’s rear view mirror on a cool morning by a pristine lake in Yukon Territory. I still cherish the extraordinary kindness of a farmer in Saskatchewan who rescued us from a ditch when our vehicle slid down an embankment. I still feel the excitement of the chuck wagon races at the Calgary Stampede, still marvel at the enduring culture and artistry of the Tlingit...Two years earlier, Gene and I made our way, in a Chevy Blazer, across the United States stopping to applaud the precise timing of Old Faithful at Yellowstone, to laugh at the delightful antics of the black-tailed prairie dogs near Devil’s Tower in Wyoming and in 2010 we got on the road full time and then...

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